20 Dazzling Curly Hairstyles for Girls 2024

Curly hairstyles are very important for girls especially when they have naturally curly hair. They look quite attractive and cool when properly cared for. Many people find it rather hard to maintain curly hairstyles but actually, it’s not that challenging. You just have to follow a prime haircare routine and keep your curly haircuts balanced. Though it is not necessary to have natural curls if you want curly hairstyles, artificial curls can be the option in that case. Curly hairstyles are a symbol of dynamism and freedom as they portray women as strong and passionate personalities.

Here are 20 different curly hairstyles for young girls:

Cornrows with bun:

Cornrows with a bun is one of the traditional curly hairstyles in African countries in which braids are pulled very near to the scalp in the form of rows. To execute this hairstyle, divide your hair into different sections, make various rows of hair, and start making a braid from each row. Try making accurate voluminous braids, keep braiding till the end of your hair, and fasten it with hair elastics.

After you are done with the braids, combine all of them tie a bun on top of your head and secure this bun with bobby pins. This hairstyle depends on your hair length and volume and is perfect for those with curly haircuts. This is one of the most famous curly hairstyles in the world. You can carry this hairstyle wherever you want because it will suit you anyway.

Curly hairstyles

Box braids:

The box braids are actually not easy to make as they take a large amount of time and energy but you look amazing once they are done. Although it is better to style the box braids at the salon by professionals you can also try them at home.

First, you have to divide your hair into 4 equal sections, start bracing thin braids from each section, and fix these braids with small hair elastics, keep braiding until all your hair is completed and your box braids are done. It may seem a bit tiring in the beginning, but once you get used to it you will like it and will also become proficient at it. You can adopt these braids while going to a birthday party with friends or for a movie night at the cinema.

Curly hairstyles

Spider Braids:

Curly hairstyles are an exclusive aspect of expressing one’s self especially when you have got naturally curly hair. Similarly, Spider braids is quite a unique hairstyle and look fantastic on people with curly haircuts. This hairstyle looks identical to spider legs resting down on your head.

Attain this hairstyle according to your hair length and volume, you have to comb your hair and untangle the loops initially, then divide your hair into 8 portions and segregate them with hair bobs. Starting from the first portion, braid your hair from the top to the tip and secure it till the end with hair elastic. Follow the same step with the remaining sections of your hair, you can embrace this hairstyle while going to school, college, or any educational trip.

Curly hairstyles

Braided knot:

The braided knot is basically a curly hairstyle in which a central knot serves as a stopping point for two side braids coming its way from left and right. This hairstyle is very easy to do, if you have natural curls then well and good, but if you don’t have natural curls, you can simply curl your hair through a curler.

First, comb your hair, and divide it into two equal portions from left and right sides, braid these sections of hair in a loose manner and take them towards the mid-surface, then tie a gentle knot and use bobby pins for securing these braids at the knotted center. This braided hairdo will go best with you on a picnic event or any outdoor trip.

Curly hairstyles

Voluminous Curls:

Voluminous curls are those curls in which your hair volume is balanced and all your hair gets equal curl strength and mass. Try these extremely attractive voluminous curly hairstyles to look gorgeous on your special occasions. Those girls who have got naturally curly haircuts can just use a hair spray to make them look perfect and bouncy. Girls having straight hair can apply a curling iron to attain curls, curl your hair from top to tip, and after your hair is entirely curled, apply a setting spray and don’t brush your hair after that.

Curly hairstyles

6. Mermaid Waves:

Mermaid waves are actually ocean-inspired hair curls that give the hair an S-patterned appearance that’s why their name is Mermaid Waves. Make sure that your hair is completely dry and smooth before you start waving, it is better to wash and dry it before starting.

Divide your hair into different sections and use waver in all these sections gently. The mermaid waves look very alluring and gorgeous, style them on your hair with shoulder or longer length and get the perfect look for your beach party or any other day-light event.

Curly hairstyles


Curly hairstyles are not confined to any specific shape or groove. Ringlets are an example, these are circular curls that provide the hair a ring or bell-shaped apperance and make the hair look fantastically amazing and attractive. Many girls have got natural ringlets and they look amazing without effort but if you want ringlets on your hair then use rag curls forthis purpose. Take rag strips and wrap your wet hair around them, leave them for drying overnight and see the fantastic results. These curls will definitely look gorgeous and you can sway at your wedding day too!

Curly hairstyles

Curly High Pony:

High ponytail is one of the few very common curly hairstyles all over the world but it looks distinctive every time you tie it a different way. You can achieve this ponytail by following the simple traditional method of making a high ponytail.

These high-curly hairstyle ponytails will perfectly wrap all your hair and will make you look like a diva. Secure a high ponytail with the help of a hair elastic, wrap a hair strip around that elastic to give a more natural look. For those not having natural curls, you can curl your hair after tying the pony by only curling the hair within the ponytail and lift this hairstyle with you wherever you go.

Curly hairstyles


One of the best ways to tie your heavy, long, and curly haircuts into a single bun at the top of your hair. A messy topknot can be quite a good choice for girls who want curly hairstyles.

For this, you just have to make a ponytail on the top of your head, divide this ponytail into two equal sections and wrap these sections around each other firmly so that it creates a big heavy bun with curly haircuts. Fix this bun using bobby pins, leave your flicks free if you have any and this topknot will look perfect over your head. You can acquire this hairdo while studying or when at a meeting when you can’t take care of your long hair.

Curly hairstyles

Twisted Bun:

A twisted bun is one of the most attractive curly hairstyles and it is attained by pulling out different parts of hair while twisting them all over, this will provide a twisted appearance to your bun and it will look more tempting. To achieve this hairstyle, create different sections of your hair and tie them with hair elastics, and braid the right layer of your hair from root to tip.

Now bring one of the sections of your hair towards the bottom from the crown while it is being twisted all the way around and secure it with a bobby pin. Do the same with all the remaining sections by keep twisting and bringing them towards the bottom and at the end, join the braid with the sections by securing it with a bobby pin. You will get a beautiful twisted bun that you could slay at any formal gathering like a book exhibition.

Curly hairstyles

Ribbon braid:

Braid is the most casual option when it comes to curly hairstyles. A ribbon braid is an ordinary braid but it has a ribbon embedded between the hair. To create this braid, tie your curly hair into a braided pony, put the ribbon around each knot of the braid, and secure this braid with a beautiful ribbon. This is also a Hairstyle for Little Girls who can easily carry this look to your school or college events and ace it!

Curly hairstyles

Side Curls:

As the name indicates, these curly hairstyles are as simple and easy as they are appearing. Put all your on one side and curl them the way you want. Natural curls will see no effort in doing this while straight hair will need the hair curler to do so.  Remember to brush your hair before starting, this is a very cool hairstyle and you can adopt it at your friend’s wedding or any other such event as it retains the elegance of personality in all ways.

Curly hairstyles

Pull-through braids:

Pull-through braids are quite in demand by many girls with curly hair who desire to gain a captivating outdo with curly hairstyles, and these braids have now become a must-have component of curly hairstyles.

These braids look very elegant and gorgeous, although they take much time to be created but they appear perfect once done and you can make two or one of them. Carry these braids when going to school or college as they will look fantastic with your formal look.

Curly hairstyles

Double bun:

Double bun is a very beckoning curly hairstyle and is perfect for people with curly hair. To gain this hairdo, divide your hair into two sections and tie each of them into a bun. Secure them with bobby pins and these buns will go perfectly with your curly hair. You can do this hairstyle when going to a birthday or any such event.

Curly hairstyles

Soft Curls:

Soft curls are one of the most beautiful and elegant curly hairstyles which will give you a very cool go-to look. You can either use a heat tool or heated roller for this purpose, use it gently and never forget to firmly comb your hair before starting, it is better to wash your hair with shampoo before doing this and then dry the hair so that it could get a soft silky appearance as shown in the photo. These curls will look bewitching when you will carry them to your convocation event!

Curly hairstyles

Half Topknot:

Half topknot is a hairdo in which half of your hair is organized into a bun at the crown area of your head and the remaining hair is left free. For gaining this, secure a ponytail with a hair elastic at the crown, wrap the hair around this elastic, and form a bun. Attach bobby pins to wrap the bun and leave the rest of your hair open, this half topknot bun will look perfect on your curly hair.

Curly hairstyles

Bantu Knots:

Bantu knots are circular medium-sized buns at the top of the head. To get this hairstyle, divide your hair into different portions and pull a ponytail at each portion with elastic ties. Now twist and wrap each ponytail around their respective elastic ties and here you are done with your twisted bantu knots. You can attain as many knots as you want but make sure you make them according to your hair length and volume.

Curly hairstyles

Waterfall Braids:

These braids resemble water falling from a mountain and the curly hair below the braid gives it a more natural look. Make 2 braids and secure them at your head’s back with an elastic tie and wrap a hair strand around the hair tie to hide it. Leave the remaining hair open and if you have straight hair then use a  curler or a roller on the rest of the hair. This curly hairstyle will go best with you at your prom party or a farewell.

Curly hairstyles

Bow bun:

This bun is very unique as it gives a bow-like shape to the hair bun. To do this hairstyle, first, make two braids from the left and right sides of the hair and secure them at the bottom with bobby pins. These braids should be made in a parallel manner, just below the braids, tie a ponytail, and tighten it. Coil the hair in a knot and separate the main thumb and wrap the central knot.

Curly hairstyles

Greek Bun:

This bun is very historic and represents the old Greek era. To achieve this bun, make two braids on the lower left and right parts of your hair and curl the rest of the hair. Now combine all of these into a ponytail, secure it with hair tie, and wrap the entire hair mass around the tie. This will make a huge Greek lower bun with good volume. You can also put a crown in a backward direction along the length of the bun.

Curly hairstyles

Curly hairstyles are very common around the world and they look very much attractive on girls. You must try the above-mentioned unique curly hairstyles to look stunning at your prom, birthday party, school, or college function.